Endangered azaleas

Endangered azaleas

Question: azaleas in danger

Hello! during the summer I left my four azaleas in the garden but they became covered with small white flakes, but I only realized this a week ago when I took them inside for the winter. Now they lose their leaves and they have none at the base, and the buds are brown, I'm afraid they are dying and I can no longer see their fantastic flowers. can I still save them? if so how? and with which products? many thanks in advance!!! the site is really interesting !!

Answer: azaleas in danger

Dear Gloria, the apparent disease is a cottony aphid that is easily eradicated with permethrin-based products. Usually these insects do not cause such obvious effects on the plant so I assume that there may be further contributing causes to the loss of leaves and the yellowing of the latter. In this case I refer to the possible presence of pathogens at the root level such as beetle larvae or oziorinco or the lack of the appropriate substrate for this acidophilic plant.

In addition to using a normal aficida for the elimination of insects from the plant, I recommend that you perform an iron-based fertilizer and use geodisinfestant products to eliminate the problem.

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