Hungarian tomato Mobile and national trials in Russia

 Hungarian tomato Mobile and national trials in Russia

Tomato Mobile got its name for its mobility, it perfectly tolerates transportation over long distances, it is well stored. Distinctive characteristics of the fruit: firm skin on the outside and tasty pulp on the inside.

The history of the Mobil tomato variety

This variety is not listed in the State Register of Plants of the Russian Federation, not zoned for any of its regions. Variety tests are carried out by amateur gardeners themselves on their plots. Seeds are imported and sent to our country from Ukraine. There Mobile is grown in all regions.

The author of the tomato is the Hungarian agricultural company ZKI Seeds Company, founded in 2004. In total, the company has created more than 200 professional and amateur varieties and hybrids. Mobile is an industrial variety, in Hungary its plantings occupy significant areas.

The author of the Mobil tomato is the Hungarian company ZKI

At home, Mobile is considered one of the best in its category, is suitable for harvesting by combines, is resistant to diseases, and its fruits, when processed, provide a high yield of dry matter. The latter means that tomatoes are fleshy, have a rich taste, contain few seeds and liquid, and are well suited for industrial processing into tomato pastes, ketchups, sauces, juices.

Description of the variety

Mobile grows as a low determinant bush. Its growth does not exceed one meter, usually reaches - 60–70 cm. The ripening period is average, according to the descriptions of gardeners - 115–120 days, and according to information on the ZKI website - 130–135 days.

Fruits are tied in bunches - up to 10 pieces each, weighing 120-140 g. Their shape, judging by the photo and description on the author's website, is flat-round.

The Mobil tomato has a complex (branched) brush, in which up to 10 fruits are formed


Perioada de vegetaţie este de 130–135 zile. Fructele sunt sferice aplatizate de greutatea medie de 120-140 g.

Translation: The growing season is 130–135 days. Fruits have spherical flattening, average weight 120-140 g.

But on the forums and in video reviews, gardeners talk about an elongated, almost plum-shaped form. In Russia, there is no originator and patent holder who would be responsible for the purity of the variety, and there is no official seller of Mobil tomato seeds. Therefore, Russian gardeners can buy from each other or in online stores and grow any other tomato under that name, that is, a fake, misgraded. The ZKI company itself does not sell seeds at retail.

Video: review of Mobile tomatoes in a greenhouse

Features of growing tomato Mobile

Start sowing 50-60 days before the expected date of disembarkation at a permanent place. Pre-treat the seeds with a growth stimulant (aloe juice, Epin) and germinate, as there are complaints that they do not germinate well. If the seeds are covered with a colored coat of growth stimulants and fungicides, then you will have to sow dry. In a warm place (+20 ... +25 ° C) seedlings will appear in 7-10 days.

Caring for Mobile seedlings is no different from the traditional:

  • When the first real leaves appear, unpack them in separate cups.
  • Water with warm, settled water as the topsoil dries up.
  • Feed with complex mineral fertilizer for seedlings or tomatoes. Universal mixes for vegetables such as BioMaster and Fertika are suitable. Doses and frequency for each fertilizer are different, indicated in the instructions.
  • Start hardening a week before planting.

Mobile is usually grown outdoors. Planting pattern for this variety: 30-40 cm in a row and 70 cm between rows. 1 m² can accommodate up to 6 bushes. Fill the garden bed with humus or compost (6–8 kg / m²) and wood ash (1 glass per 1 m²).

In warm areas on sandy loam soils, Mobile can be grown using the "lazy" technology: without garter, pinching and even without watering. This variety tolerates heat and drought well. But if it often rains in your region, the soil is black earth or loam, then you still have to tie up or cover the aisles with straw. The bushes, under the weight of the fruits, fall on the ground, the fruits will be in the mud, if they do not rot, then they will lose their presentation.

Video: an interesting idea for self-tying tomatoes

In the field, Mobile fruits grow medium-sized - up to 100 g, but large tomatoes can also be grown if:

  • water at least once a week;
  • feed 1-2 times a month;
  • pinch to the first flower brush;
  • ration the fruits in the hands, leaving 5–6 of the largest ovaries in each;
  • adjust the number of brushes, leaving 2–5 per bush, depending on the growing region.

Each bunch of Mobil tomato weighs about 1 kg. Knowing how many brushes usually mature in your area, you can easily calculate the yield of a bush. If you do not have much experience in growing tomatoes, you do not know how many brushes you need to leave, then in late summer or early autumn, when the temperature at night will keep constantly below +15 °C, tear off all the flower brushes and pinch all the tops.

For faster ripening of the remaining fruits, the bushes can be covered with agrofibre overnight. When the average daily temperature drops to +10 ... +11 ° C, pick all tomatoes, even green ones, and ripen them at home.

Reviews of gardeners about the Mobile variety

Mobile tomatoes are designed for outdoor use. The variety shows good yields even in the field. By providing individual care with watering, feeding and rationing of fruits, you will achieve maximum productivity.

[Votes: 2 Average: 4.5]

Gardeners have known Lapis tomatoes for more than ten years. The variety was registered in the State Register in 2007 with admission to cultivation in all regions of the country. An application for state variety trials was submitted jointly by V. I. Kozak, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, and the Moscow agricultural firm "AS-selection", which specializes in the sale of copyright seeds.

Lapwing has gained fame as one of the best tomatoes for whole-fruit canning. It attracts not only with ideal fruits for salting, but also with simple agricultural technology. Bushes can be grown without pinching and garter without fear of fungal diseases.

Lapis tomatoes bear fruit perfectly without garter and pinching

On the forums, some gardeners compare Lapis with Kibitz tomato, which is common in Ukraine. Indeed, the varieties are similar, but there are also differences, for example, Kibits is an earlier, seedless one, its bush is more compact.

Tomatoes Kibitz and Lapis are similar, but still differ in some characteristics.


Oleg, Ulan-Ude

May and June were cool, but then the summer cleared up, and "Sanka" was very pleased. The fruits were removed from the bushes when ripe, other tomatoes were still gaining weight. The wife used it in salads, pizza, and later let it be preserved. Green tomatoes ripen well at home, do not soften, do not crack. A good solid tomato for the garden!

Mila, Moscow region

Great tomato for the greenhouse. I read one about him on the forum, I liked the characteristics and description of the variety. This season, 20 bushes grew in a small greenhouse, all of them bore fruit well. In August I shot with cans, and this despite the cold and constantly rainy weather. I think I made the right decision by planting "Sanka" in the greenhouse, although there were plans to immediately sow it in the beds. "Lyana" and "beta", also grew well, but "Sanka" is still a handsome man! The fruits, of course, without much sweetness, but I roll a lot, and it is very good for preservation.

Alla, Tula region

I love this tomato. Does not get sick, the harvest is given in unison, there is no trouble with it. The taste is not special, for an amateur - that's right they say. Considering that it ripens earlier than everyone else, it is quite normal. Sweet ones will come later, and for early salads "Sanka" will be an excellent choice. By the way, I planted him in greenhouses, to the tall ones, but there he was somehow not himself - he was reaching out, there were few fruits. I refused experiments and now I plant them only on open beds.

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